Bean bags are a popular form of furniture (chair) for relaxing, made up of fabric and filled with small beans. They were hugely popular in the 1960s & 70s. Their popularity returned in the mid 1990s and late 2000s with the advent of retro style.

Elegancy and comfort are the two basic elements that make your life luxurious. This combination makes the things perfect and attractive in whatever matter. Everyone feels relaxed at his/her house and wants to decorate the house with colorful decorative & fashionable accessories. The bean bags do not take much space and can easily match with the interiors of your house.

These bags supports up to 100kgs weight or more than that, even then also it is light weight and easy to carry anywhere, basically for picnics and also when there is shifting of house or anything else. The beanless bag uses air to refill it, & on the other hand bean bags needs small beans inside. These bags are washable, available in different sizes and shapes, normally X, XXL size for adults.

These bags are for children & as well as for adults. Basically it for relaxing in retro style, on the other hand you can sit, sleep, lay down in any position or do whatever you want to do on it, it is very comfortable, and can bear maximum load. These bean bags are made from Leatherette Fabric and other material to make it strong and durable; the bean bags are available in full sizes with manufacturer’s warranty.

These bean bags are available in various sizes, shapes, colours, design and everything. For children Bean bags include Teddy shaped bean bags & various animals shaped bean bags. Football shaped bean bags, Rugby ball shaped bean bags & also Basketball shaped bean bags for sports lovers. For adults printed, double printed, twin layered, large, extra large, & theme based bean bags. Other types designs includes regular, designer bean bags, bean bag with matching footrest, valentine bean bags, royal bean bags, panda chair bean bag, video rocker bean bag, lounge chair bean bag, soft velvet bean bag, lifestyle bean bag, big ball bean bags, Wetlook bean bag, animal shaped bean bag, cube shaped bean bag, ultra comfortable bean bag, arm chair bean bags and so much more.

These bean bags are available on online shopping portals starting from Rs. 499/- up to Rs. 18, 000/-. One can enjoy relaxing on these bean bags or beanless bags for the ultimate comfort.

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