While the first half of the last decade saw high growth in services sector, specifically BPO; the second half of the decade surely belongs to BFSI, Education, Healthcare and Retail. During last five years, the country has seen unprecedented consistent growth which has led to a boom in the mentioned sectors. In fact, for the first time, the GDP has grown at the rate of nine percent. The last five years have probably been the best time in the Indian Economy and many more exciting and innovative business opportunities await investors. With so much of buzz and expansion-plans awaiting new projects; there is a huge demand for skilled manpower and therefore education and training companies are bound to get benefited as a result also. The government is also aware and has drafted special chapter on skilled development in the 11th five year plan laid down by the Planning Commission of India. With aspirations rising high and everyone willing to scale up fast, franchising has become one of the most popular tools to achieve early growth.
I would restrict the focus of franchising for growth limited to training & education industry. Soft Skill Training has seen tremendous growth and is bound to grow further in coming years with government liberalizing Indian education and willing to experiment the conventional route of imparting knowledge through innovative industry relevant programs in association with corporate sector, Some of the entrepreneurs have taken the initiative of starting Soft Skill Training & Education Companies and i360 is one of them. i360 envisions to become the most preferred training provider and with this noble thought, has launched industry relevant programs to bridge the gap between the available and the expected recruitment needs. With an expansion in over 60 locations with in 23 states in last two years, the organization is considered as one of the Fastest Growing Vocational Training Organizations.
i360 also focuses on Corporate training & Institutional Training Programs and has already serviced some of the leading names across sectors within a short span of time. i360 has also forayed in Government Training Programs recently and shall be aggressively promoting Soft Skill training leading to Vocation in state run schools & colleges.
i360 has consciously chosen franchising as route to penetrate geography and has proved to be a well known Franchise Business Provider in India. Institutional Business Training, Soft Skill & Communication Skills Training in India are also growing very fast and therefore, there is a huge captive market available. The biggest challenge is to get the right Corporate Skill Training content & trainer in place and therefore there is an ever increasing demand for Business Skill Training & Corporate Training jobs. Fortunately, i360 has built relevant corporate associations, trainer associations & employer associations to make i360 a well known Training Institution in India .