Lets face it, this economy is unstable and precarious. When we see the number of personal entrepreneur friends who have had to file for bankruptcy or at the least, downsize, it breaks my heart.

In previous articles I have mentioned how companies have been able to profit from sales of furniture and seating the federal government. We have also broken through the glass ceiling in our sales to State of Florida agencies.

There are various agencies such as the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, Homeland Security, FBI, and many other federal agencies that spend a combined budget total of over 538 billion dollars per year. For example, according to the SBA’s 2010 Small Business Procurement Scorecard, the federal government purchased more than 97 billion in goods and services from small businesses just like yours and mine. These purchases were made using prime contractors and subcontractors as well.

My most recent article mentioned the process of registering your small business with the Central Contractor Registry, or CCR as it is referred to. The Central Contractor Registry is simply a data base of preferred registered government contractors who have qualified for this status by adhering to certain criteria established by the federal government. Their minimum standards are not that difficult for companies to qualify. As a business owner you will be required to have a DUNS number and you will also be required to pass what is known as a SCORE test. The SCORE test is taken online and insures that you fully understand what is required as a federal contractor. If you can read, comprehend, and render the correct responses, scoring higher than 80 percent, you will pass.

Many government clients purchase directly from websites and others use sites merely for reference and the collection of specifications and product detail. After they determine the products meet their needs through the reference process, they forward their purchase orders conventionally via facsimile or email.

This is a particular sales strategy that can be extremely effective. Prior to moving in this direction, formulate your own federal government sales strategy. After you have identified a government sales strategy and established a DUNS number, you can register through the governments Central Contractor Registry. Once this is completed I can guarantee you that your business will be spotted on the federal governments radar.

Although it is not necessary to have a website to register or benefit from government sales, it can help greatly for the following reason. During the registration process, you will be asked to list your companys website if you have one. This increases your exposure to a captive audience of government users and purchasers.

Do not let this economy get the best of your business. Take advantage while you still have the opportunity.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with valuable information we feel could be of help to your small business. Hopefully you have found this advice helpful.

My name is Phil Swindle. I operate a successful office furniture and seating company that provides a host of GSA products including GSA conference chairs, tables, desks, and more. Please feel free to visit our site today for services and advice.

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Is This The Most Profitable Business For Sale In Melbourne,Australia?
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