The post-recession period presents the biggest opportunity to boost your business and set it aside from the competition. Whilst this sounds easier said than done, there are a number of ways to increase your visibility, generate more leads and establish yourself in your marketplace.

Your website presents a prime opportunity for bolstering brand awareness. A recent survey by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) found that SME’s with prominent websites were most successful in terms of turnover. Whilst you may have a budding web specialist on your team, it is important to get your site exactly right, targeting your intended audience, being accessible to use and eye-catching in design terms. A specialist web designer is best placed to help you create an innovative site, having the latest tools in cutting-edge web design. Hampshire and other popular counties have a plethora of designers on tap so make sure you research your prospective company’s portfolio, ensuring they have had experience in your market segment.

Making sure your website is SEO-friendly is a major way to get your website and products seen by a wide audience. It is said that people rarely look beyond the first page of search results, so hiring a trusted SEO agency alongside your web designers can help to use ‘whitehat’ techniques to increase your search engine ranking position for key product or service terms relating to your business.

Attending local business forums and getting involved in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP’s) are also a valuable way to make your industry known in your area. Working with Higher Education establishments by employing specialist graduates or utilising consultancy work can help you innovate and increase your product/service remit, as well as publicising yourself as an authority in your sector.

Whilst technology and innovation are vital tools, don’t forget marketing as a useful way to get your brand out their. From email marketing, to mail-shots, press releases and events, marketing is one of the best devices to increase leads and build networks. Don’t be afraid to use an external marketing and communications agency alongside your existing marketing team, as outsourcing can often save money and provide fresh eyes for any existing issues.

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