There are many occasions when you need to buy gifts for children. Birthdays are defiantly a big one of the occasions. Watching the gleam in their eyes and smile on their face as they receive the gift and go on to unwrap it is a great feeling. However, buying kids gifts can be really confusing as there’s so much choice available.


There are several aspects to consider, when one buys gifts for a child. First and foremost, it should be safe and secondly something that the kid will truly like. The age of the child plays a key role in selecting children’s gifts. Most online stores such as Gifted Penguin categorise gift items according to age. There are many fun, educational and useful kids gifts that you can buy. This article discusses some options for kids presents. Gifted Penguin is a children’s gifts store that offers gifts that are little different. Their new range of personalised children’s art work has become a best seller with parents.


Personalised childrens presents: Personalised presents include train pictures, pirate and canvases for kids, which they can use to decorate their bedroom. These are unique gifts as they can be personalised with name of the kid, their birth date, time and even other details.


Microwaveable Soft Toys: Kids love soft toys like teddy bears, monkeys, elephants, penguins and more. How about soft toys that can be put in a microwave! Yes, now you can buy fully microwaveable toys made from soft quality fabrics. You just microwave them for two minutes then they are safe for kids to hug them and stay cosy in winters.


Breakfast set: Kids love to be surrounded by their favourite cartoon characters. You can buy a complete breakfast set with cup, bowl, plate egg cup and a tin box with various cartoon themes like Disney, Princess, Racing Cars and Pooh printed on them. Kids would really cherish this gift every time they eat out of them.


Wooden Rocking Scooter: This is one of the best kids presents that every child will be thrilled to receive. A gorgeous wooden toy scooter is ideal for the growing motorcyclist. This comes in nice retro style look and is something the child will remembers even when he grows up.

Hold bags & School Bags: Small kids love to carry their things in their own personalised hold bags. They come in nice designs and patterns. You can also buy a school bag which is a perfect item that every child needs.


Sweets Box or Basket: There are many such kids presents and this is something that kids of any age will love.You can buy a sweets box or basket with an assortment of chocolates lollies and bars or refreshment chews.


So, next time you need to buy a unique gift for children, you should not get confused. One of these gift ideas will surely help you make a decision. Just visit


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