If you have been exposed to the internet any length of time you have seen these ads. Promising quick money with little or no effort. They draw us in and make us want to take a look. Whether you use the internet for email and surfing or you are pursuing your business goals. You have to be very careful with your choices. I have been subjected to the scams more than I can count. From typing forms to paid surveys.

There are money making opportunities on the Internet. You just have to be careful and resourceful. You should research any opportunity before paying your hard earned money. I wish I had done this numerous times. I would have saved so much more money and time.

When you come across an opportunity, first, read the entire ad or email. Make a note of the company’s name and address. Second, go to their website. Have a look around. Be familiar with their pages. Read each and every word. Review their contact us page. Make a note of any information listed. This will be very helpful to you. If they do not have any contact information, I would not proceed with this company. What if you have questions? You have no way of contacting them. Remember, you are researching this to protect yourself.

When you have any contact information, you are ready to check out the opportunity. My favorite source to check out a business is the Better Business Bureau. http://www.bbb.org They offer the best source of information on a business. It tells you if the business is in good standing. It details any complaints filed against the business. It details the resolutions, if any. The business does not need to be a member of the BBB to have a file. A large number of these internet companies are doing shady business so they won’t be a paying member. I have reported several businesses for fraudulent practices. If the company is truly legitimate, they will respond to any complaints from the BBB. This is a great source.

If you find no file or complaint on the business, you are not quite finished yet. You want to be completely sure. This next tip is surprisingly effective. If you have the company name or individual name, go to your favorite search engine. Type in the name. My favorite search engine is Yahoo. They have a new feature. As you type a word or phrase it gives you numerous selections related to it. This is very helpful. Just see what comes up. If it is a scam, you will see other complaints from others who have been taken already. I have saved nearly $ 200 using this feature. These two resources alone should reduce the likeliness of you being scammed.

The main protection you have is common sense and logic. We all have the ability to think and make judgments about what we read. Making $ 1000 in 30 minutes with no effort on your part is unheard of. So don’t be pushed into believing the hype. You work too hard to ensure you and your family are safe and secure to lose unnecessary money.

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