Determined by foot shoe, which is no longer the star player of the patent, Anta Sports mechanics research has been let that many people dream possible.

At the 18th China International Sporting Goods Show, in Anta’s booth before the window of the new technology attracted a lot of people stop.

President of the company from Belgium RSSCAN JempiWilssens, said: “We have established a partnership with Anta Biomechanical Laboratory We cooperate very happy. CBA league in China, we use high-tech means of collecting a large amount of data transmitted from athletes foot, and today we come to display that we use the information design of the new ANTA sport shoes. “Jempi also solemnly presented his Chinese partner:” This is my partner in China, my research results to the feet, and his long one is shoe, our cooperation is GREAT (the great, excellent!) “Jempi introduced professors, China Leather And footwear industry research vice president of Zhongning Qing.

Jempi senior European shoes foot biomechanics and design experts, detailed information on Anta’s “core technology” in the campaign on the role played by athletes foot?? Foot of the 26 bones in motion is a very complex and scientific bone, muscle coordination of movement process. In running, the feet touch the ground an instant impact by the ground to the body weight three times, in the process, more than 80% of the human foot is the lateral heel first landing … …

Jempi two out yellow and blue ball: “This is our core technology, the blue called MAGNETICCORE, is the core technology of the first generation, the main feature is the cushioning. Yellow second-generation core technologies, is dual-core technology, forefoot rebound, after the foot cushioning. Now our products have been using third-generation core technologies, that is to allow consumers to directly see our dual-core. “

Anta synchronized with the international high-tech “core concepts” come out, also only solves the problem of material, applied? Anta stadium in the CBA, the establishment of athletes foot mechanics, libraries, sports mechanics laboratory large amounts of data, the analysis of these data, to the ANTA Basketball Shoes For the design of a qualitative leap.

By the parties experts Anta lab found: Jumping, the former general valgus feet; change to the run, the focus on the former inner soles; floor, the focus is from the lateral heel transition to full-foot … … stadium on the basis of these data from the CBA, MAGNETICCORE location and proportion of the use of materials resulting adjusted?? be shipped out of the basketball court in the forward shoes, shoes and center back shoes.

Jempi example: “Kobe’s position is defender, dribbling extraordinary and urgent emergency stop running especially high, according to the characteristics of his campaign is not designed to meet all the basketball shoe sports enthusiasts demand, especially not suitable for center. So said, ‘Kobe shoes’ selling just a concept, the real time is needed to participate in basketball according to their technical characteristics, to select different types of shoes. “

These classifications special basketball shoes, the first CBA war will get their recognition, 16 players tried custom, the league more than 90% of the athletes are wearing basketball shoes made in China?? Anta. He also disclosed that the market will also appear in this year’s basketball, “location” shoes, so many shoes to achieve the aspirations set by foot.

“From the CBA to the NBA and then to CBA, the fun has just begun!” Battle with the simple and honest voice to the world declared that such aggressive, passionate, vibrant spirit has become Anta Brand The essence. Anta from the 1999 contract Olympics Champion Kong Linghui, now fully sponsored by CBA, volleyball, Table Tennis Super League and other small events, has been professional, pragmatic attitude to the Chinese league had a piece tailored jersey, sports in China to build a firm foundation.

2001 of the market Sell 100000000-2005 2.0 billion years, 5 years, Anta created a myth of the industry, this myth comes from Anta, dedicated people in science and technology, from the practical innovation of Chinese sports. ANTA ANTA Ding Zhizhong, President of China, introduced the core technology is the pride of Anta, Anta technology is the lifeblood. CBA players we already have the mechanical foot library, this year we will continue to Premier League table tennis and volleyball league for our research, not only for China sports league to provide help to raise the level of good shoes, but also in other professional sports equipment (such as Clothing Etc.) to provide high-tech products, the purpose is to allow more consumers to enjoy the results of our study.

Anta Sports Mechanics Lab RSSCAN Company and the Beijing Sports University Sports Biomechanics Department of the joint efforts will enable the Chinese people’s feet coupled with a good Chinese shoes.

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