If you have ever tinkered with PPC advertising, you’ll no doubt know that it’s a mine field full of potholes, and an area that is often even avoided by established internet marketers. When Commission Blueprint was released, Steven Clayton claimed to be able to be able to create what he calls “winning campaigns” using Google AdWords time and time again that run on autopilot to rake in a heap of sales and profits. In this Commission Blueprint Review we’ll look at what makes this product such a success and give you an inside look to exactly what Commission Blueprint covers.

When you enter the Commission Blueprint member’s area you’ll see that the course is divided into 14 sections, each covering an integral part of how to set up a money making PPC campaign. All the lessons are provided in high quality video which you can download to your computer and video lesson are backed up with pdf notes, spreadsheets, website templates and a lot more useful tools.

To start with Steven Clayton talks about Commission Blueprint, what your expectations should be and how to best use the program. He then goes on to explain how to effectively choose a product to sell and how to perform keyword research for that product. This part of the course is one of my favorites as it’s where so many PPC campaigns die. Here however Steven reveals exactly how it should be done to get best results.

Steven Clayton then moves on to discuss the technical side of buy a website, setting up hosting, and indeed creating your website. As with the entire Commission Blueprint course, Steven breaks this section down into easy to follow steps meaning that a complete novice could replicate what he’s doing. This should come as a relief to newbies because all to often these products don’t cater for your needs.

Steven then goes on to explain how you need to set up your Google AdWords campaign. This is another key part of his process and something that almost all internet marketers mess up. You’ll learn the secrets to setting up a profitable campaign and the free tools Steven uses to do so in this part of the course.

Once you’re campaign is up and running, it’s important to monitor your results and make changes where necessary. Steven Clayton shows you exactly how you should tweak your website to optimize conversions and profit in this part of the course. You’ll also learn how Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey take a campaign that is making a small profit (let’s say $ 100/week) to one that’s pulling in over $ 2000 per week. Scaling is so important and Tim and Steve nail it in Commission Blueprint.

Commission Blueprint is a product that anyone who wants to increase their income online should have. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive product out there for anyone wanting to dominate PPC marketing and a product that has transformed the lives of thousands of people who have applied the teachings.

Ray Clarksen has been involved in internet marketing for about 10 years now. Check out his in depth Commission Blueprint Two Review and learn more about Steven Clayton – the creator of this mindblowing product.

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