What if you are traveling and worried about the safety of your home or apartment? Internet security cameras are the best option when you need a targeted area monitored and don’t have a big budget. You can remotely watch an area or areas in your residence and even monitor your family, from anywhere, with your PC or Smart phones.

Internet security cameras, also called IP cameras or network security cameras, are fixed wired or wireless video devices that work independently from a PC. The cameras can be connected directly to your IP network, which you can then control, monitor and view directly through a computer or cell phone with Internet access. This saves you the hassle of installing and maintaining additional receivers and DVRs. A basic surveillance system requires three things: a camera; motion sensing software to activate the camera and store its video or still images; and software to send the images over the Internet. These cameras allow video and sometimes audio data to be captured and transmitted across a Wi-Fi computer network.

Before you buy yourself a security camera, ask yourself a few key questions to narrow down your product options:

Do you want cameras installed outside or inside the house, or both?

Do you want to use wired or wireless cameras?

Do you want to focus on specific areas?

What is your budget?

Can you install yourself or will you need a contractor?

IP cameras depend on the strength and reliability of the computer network to stream, record and manage data. With an IP network infrastructure already in place and being used for other IT applications, the only cost involved is the one-cable camera installation using Power-over-Ethernet. A built-in gateway separates internet cameras from the regular data network, so the influence of video recording on bandwidth is minimized.

This networking capability makes IP cameras, including both network cameras and internet cameras, suitable for both security and non-security applications. They can be used for video conferencing, monitoring parking lots and offices, home surveillance, remote site monitoring, etc.

Thus IP network cameras can make your home and business secure. The opportunities are immense with video conferencing — monitoring children and home while you are away, monitoring employees, web broadcasting, etc. — and the possibilities are endless.

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