Affiliate Marketing is a great home based online business to start.  Starting up costs are low and the potential for excellent returns are great as long as you don’t get follow the basic steps and tips to success. This is important to remember as although there have been many success stories, the simple fact is nearly  90% of the new affiliates who start will never earn a real income online. Why? Because they are not willing to learn and work for their goals.   However is you are willing to learn and follow these three simple tips and work through them,  you will be successful as an online marketer.  

1: Choose A High Quality Affiliate Product with a proven sales conversion. By making sure the merchant’s product has an excellent sales page and information there is a very good chance the customer will trust the product and want  to buy it.  Also make sure there is good customer support and refund procedures in place from the merchant. This is vital as your reputation is on the line and any future sales will depend on the service your merchant gives.  

2:Keep In and Constant Dialogue with your subscribers once they join your list. In doing this you be providing them with high quality information pertinent to their needs. When you keep this open and transparent communication with members of your list you will gain their trust and build a trust and in some ways working relationship with them whereby they will believe and rely on your advice to solve or proved a solution to their problems.  This will ensure future sales on that list.  

3:  Ensure that you have a simple and friendly main or squeeze page. Remember to keep it interesting and relevant to the product your are marketing. By communicating effectively and openly with your visitors the likelihood of them reviewing the entire page is much greater and thereby linking through to the merchants page and purchasing.  

These 3 tips for your affiliate business if done correctly will make a huge difference to your sales and overall success on online marketing campaign.          


Martin Andrews is a internet marketer specializing in affiliate marketing. He is passionate about the complexities and profit potentials in Affiliate Marketing and with his success wants to share with others the knowledge that he has found and developed with online affiliate marketing.

Martin attributes his success to Ewen Chia and his great book “How I made my first million on the internet and how you can too ” and it companion course the “Internet Millionaire System. For further information on these products please visit my site at and blog