When you hear six figure income school – what springs to your mind? If you are academically inclined you may be thinking in terms of top universities like Harvard, Yale and Cambridge. If you are sports inclined you may have the NFL or the Premier League on your mind.

Prior to me finding out about Internet Marketing I actually use to browse the web to see if I could find a school that could guarantee me a 6 figure income. I had no idea that what I was looking for was in my house all the time just waiting to be discovered.

You may still not know what I am talking about so I will elaborate a bit more. With the advent of the internet it has meant that our world has now become little more than a global village.

This means if you have a product or service you have an opportunity to reach a much wider audience at relatively low costs than ever before, if you know how. That is where a six figure income school comes in.

Such a school should teach you:

how to identify a hungry market or starving crowds
helps you understand the mindset of your potential customers
how to target them, how to package your product or services as a solution that meets their needs
how to put your “solution” in front of your target market and
how to make that sale

– Using the internet. This means if you have access to a computer, the World Wide Web and a willingness to learn and implement what you learn you can enroll! No other qualifications are required.

The results of what you learn is equivalent to making money while you sleep and there is no quicker way to make a more than average wage that I know of.

Like in the world of academics you must choose the university with a proven track record; that way you know if you follow closely what you are taught and take action daily you will succeed.

The key is to choose a six figure income school that has consistently delivered.

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