If you’ve ever dreamed about running your own business, you’re not alone. Millions of people yearn to start their own business, and as many as half actually take initiative and create a business. If you have the resources and time to take on such a project, but lack ideas, look no further. There is a variety of products and services that can be marketed, your job is to find one that you will enjoy.

Services are something you actually do, rather than making a product and selling it. When you market a service, you are marketing your work ethic as well. If you’re interested in creating your small business based on a service, think about what it is you do well. Landscaping, pet grooming, and small scale accounting are just a minute example. Your expertise is the deciding factor here. If you’re a technical genius, you may go into business fixing computers, for instance. It’s all up to you.

If you can make something and sell it, you are making a product. Your own ideas work amazingly for businesses in this field, especially if you can make something no one else has thought of yet. Hobbies are easy inspiration in this field. Plus, if you can market something you would make as your hobby anyway, you get the benefit of enjoying the production, not just the profit. Consider things like needlework, knitting or crocheting, or jewelry making.

While you’re brainstorming ideas for your small business, keep in mind what you do well, and what hobbies or crafts you enjoy. Consider how you would feel if you had to complete that service or make that craft every day. Think about your financial resources, as well as your time constraints. Remember that you should put your time and energy into a business that will make you happy, and not just make a profit.

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