Give the celebrant a family memento, a drawing or painting, a compilation of past items, a scrapbook, a compilation of movies and music clips, customized gold-themed accessory, and a compilation of cheerful greetings on a CD.These are a few gifts that are suitable for someone celebrating his/her 50th birthday.

Celebrating the 50th birthday of a loved one can be made even more special by giving a sentimental gift. Besides being a valuable memento in itself, the gift will remind your loved ones how special they are to you. Here are great sentimental gift ideas that will surely touch the heart of 50th birthday celebrants:

Record wishes and greetings in a CD

Recorded greetings from you, close friends, and relatives can be one of the many sentimental and interesting 50th birthday gifts you can ever give to the celebrant. To make the CD even more personal, you can add some favorite songs of the celebrant in between greetings. The recording may be played during the event and even on the following days or years of the celebrant’s entire life. This gift will be one to cherish and keep forever because it is sentimental and a remembrance of good times.

Give the celebrant the pleasure of a music video and clip collection

Another idea is to create a medley of the celebrant’s favorite film and song excerpts, then present them to the birthday celebrant. This ushers the cherished memories of your loved one from the past, turning it in to a very memorable 50th birthday gift. Include the greetings of the celebrant’s family and other loved ones to make the video more meaningful.

Have an accessory personalized with a gold-theme

If you want your present to become extra special to the celebrant, personalize it. You may consider giving gold accessories, such as a bracelet, anklet, pendant, watch, or a ring in which you can engrave the celebrant’s name and date of celebration, to match the golden theme of a 50th birthday celebration.

Make a scrapbook of fun-filled memories

Bring together fun and meaning by making a scrapbook especially for the 50th birthday celebrant. You can include lyrics of the celebrant’s favorite songs, favorite poem, and memorable pictures from the past. Include your greetings and drawing by your, kids, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces to make the scrapbook more meaningful.

Give the celebrant a collection of items from the past

Giving time capsules and chests to the 50th birthday celebrant will make a perfect sentimental present. You can fill a container, like a bottle or box, with things that will take the celebrant back to the good old days. Put in magazine pages and newspaper clippings that were significant during the celebrant’s life. A lot of these clips is available online. Integrate favorite childhood memories of the celebrant into the time capsule. In addition to the collection; you can add the celebrant’s favorite sports team, music bands, and pastimes.

Sway the celebrant’s affection with a drawing or painting

Another important and heart-warming 50th birthday present suggestion is a drawing or painting for the celebrant. It could be a vintage-style portrait of the celebrant’s younger years. It can also be a picture of the celebrant’s family portrait, favorite childhood or present retreat site. Such a moving gift will certainly please a celebrant.

Astonish them by giving a family memento

On your family member’s 50th birthday, you may decide to pass on a family keepsake to them. Examples include jewelry that has been passed down for generations, antiques, old coins, collections of stamps, and other items. The celebrant will surely feel special with this sentimental gift that he or she can cherish forever.

When you think of what could truly please the celebrant, it will definitely be easy for you to come up with a special and sentimental gift. Make your gift perfect by wrapping it beautifully and adding a very special greeting. This way, the 50th birthday will not only be joyous, but another moment worthy to be treasured forever.

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