Review of 300 Internet Marketers
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300 Internet Marketers Will Include:
1) Webinar Series #1: 90 Day Spartan Six Figure Affiliate Blueprint
Running from early April to June, students will have the opportunity to attend live weekly webinars which I will be leading. These webinars will guide students through the Spartan Six Figure Affiliate Blueprint series and will focus on establishing a solid foundation for creating highly profitable businesses in the coming months.
Value = $ 997
2) Webinar Series #2: Live No-Pitch Expert Webinars with Industry Leaders
Members will have the opportunity to attend “no pitch” expert webinars with industry leaders such as Alex Goad, James J. Jones, Daniel Morley (my ClickBank rep), Kevin Rogers and others.
Value = $ 997
3) Webinar Series #3: August 2011 – 4 Webinars (weekly)
300 Internet Marketers will continue to build upon the solid foundation which was set in place during the previous months. Webinars will focus on leveraging additional traffic sources such as video marketing, JV partnerships, product launches and more.
Webinars will take place at a minimum of twice each month.
Value = $ 997
4) Live Case Study from Brian G. Johnson
Members will have the chance to watch over my shoulder as I release an Internet marketing related product into the marketplace. Every detail will be explained from conception to the first sale and beyond.
Value = $ 197
5) Premium WordPress Theme FlexSqueeze (lite)
I have partnered with Ryan Grabenstein, the creator of FlexSqueeze, in an effort to bring a high end premium WordPress sales theme to the members of 300 Internet Marketers.
Why FlexSqueeze?
It’s simple. There is no better or more powerful WordPress theme for online marketing than FlexSqueeze. I have now been using it myself for several years to create dozens of affiliate sites, squeeze pages and bonus offers.

Value = $ 97 
6) 1 Months Access To Blogging Underground
Mike Liebner will provide members free access for three whole months into his new link building program, Blogging Underground, which sells for $ 67 per month. This will give members access to a network of influential sites from which to build links to their own web pages.
It’s the same network I have been using for over a year and it is truly effective. This offer adds a ton of value to members.
Value = $ 67
7) Spartan Six Figure Blueprints (Core Manuals, Reports & Mindmaps)
Membership will not only include live webinar training but will also include various blueprints, reports and mindmaps revealing the very methods I use to dominate online.
Value = $ 97
8) Spartan Six Figure Blueprint Tutorial Videos
Membership will not only include live webinar training but it will also include a variety of blueprints, reports and mindmaps revealing the very same methods I use to dominate online.
Value = $ 97
9) 300 Internet Marketers Private Mentors Forum
A private member only forum will become available to members for asking questions, for getting help and for generally motivating one another. I will enter the forum daily to provide support, to offer advice, to resolve challenges and to answer questions.
Value = $ 197

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