There are people who have learned how to start an eBay business, and have become self made millionaires because of it. There is money to be made, if you know what to do and how to do it. The key is in the education, and once you have it, the sky is the limit. Here are a few things you need to know for how to start an eBay empire of your own and create financial freedom.

The first thing you absolutely have to know is that research is the key. You have to know what is selling, what isn’t selling, what has already come and gone, and what may be coming in the future. For example, there was a time when people could make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling domain names on eBay. That time has come and long gone, so trying now would be a waste of time. Find out what people are buying and aren’t buying, and do your research properly in order to get the money flowing into your pockets.

The second thing you need to know for how to start an eBay business and build an empire is that the fastest runner doesn’t always win the race. What I mean is that determination is the biggest key to success. Even when yo don’t know what to do, or how to do it, just keep going anyway. The race is usually won by the person who keeps running, even if they aren’t the fastest runner. There will be challenges, difficult times, and problems to overcome. Stay with it, and keep going no matter what. Keep running the race, and you will eventually finish right where you want to be.

The final key for how to start an eBay business is to keep your eyes and mind open. Many people just start a store, list a few products, and wonder why they don’t make any money. Don’t limit yourself to just eBay when it comes to marketing and making sales. Use their tools, but be willing to step outside the box a little bit and use everything, and anything you can find to drive people to your store and make sales. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep looking for bigger, better, and more productive techniques and methods.

FACT: There is still money to be made with Ebay, if you know what your doing. People are still making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on Ebay and other such auction sites. The problem is that the so called “GURU’S” won’t give you the secret information for making money on Ebay.


In this video Steve shares with you 11 things to do before you start selling on Ebay. Steve has been making money from home on Ebay for over 3 years and has enjoyed teaching others how to sell on Ebay in order to be successful.

Starting an Ebay business can be a challenging task and many people fail at first. With these 11 tips it’s our greatest hope that you can fast – track your results and start selling stuff on ebay for a profit!

To get more tips and tricks for what sells on ebay and top selling items on Ebay be sure to download our free book titled ” 100 Amazing Items to Resell”.



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