It is very important for you to establish an Internet presence because by doing so you’re going to let people know that you’re a real person. There are many people on the Internet that are not who they say they are and this is what makes people very uncomfortable when going on the Internet. If you want to establish an Internet presence there are 3 things that you must do first.

#1 Make An Account In The Social Networking Sites

The first thing you have to do is create an account in each of the social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Once you are able to do this then people are going to see that you’re a real person because you will have pictures and videos of you and the people that you interact with. Once you make these accounts you just have to talk to people and interact with them as there’s going to be a lot of people asking questions and just wanting to chat. The more interaction you have with these people the more they are going to know you and the more they’re going to talk about you on the Internet.

#2 Create A Skype

You will definitely have to create a Skype because you will be able to chat with the people that you encounter in the many social networking sites that you’re in now. When someone wants to do a one-to-one chat with you Skype is the best way to do it. When I think about it I really wouldn’t know what to do without skype because is a very useful tool. The cool thing about Skype is that is completely free to talk to anyone in any computer around the world and you can download it free as well.

#3 Create An EzineArticles Account

Of course creating an EzineArticles account is usually for article marketing and it’s a good promotional method but you’re also going to be able to build an Internet presence as well. People are going to be able to see your picture and what you’re all about over the Internet and they’re going to be able to relate to you. This is why an EzineArticles account is very important to have if you’re serious about promoting using article marketing.

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