Let me start off by saying your success online will depend on the search engines, as I had stated in previous post. Now if you want to rank in the top of the Google ranking and you are starting out, pick something you know about..Lets say Heavy Duty Truck Parts, I know this is a difficult subject but lets say you know something about this for example sake. Heavy duty truck parts cam out with 180 000 results now this is a lot better than over 32 million to making money…

Now when you are starting out you want to find a niche that only a handful of people are writing about and have a low search result, your probably thinking why would I do that??? Low Competition and low competition will make you a lot of money online.. Let’s do a little math Heavy Duty Truck Parts was searched on average 40500 time a month. Let’s say that you receive 80% of those clicks, that’s on average of 30 000 visitors a month when you are ranked at the top. But you still have a lot of work ahead. You will have to first get backlinks, Increase your Technorati Ranking etc. That will be another post. If your thinking that you can’t do this, well your wrong. Because I am just an average joe writing about what I know and I make money off this everyday. Small simple posts will attract a reader without them getting bored. So just keep it simple and write what you know about. Be original.

To be ranked #1 in Google the First step is in creating your blog with original content your next step will be creating backlinks which are very important in ranking in the top Search Engines. There are very many ways of creating backlinks but the best way is to participate with social networking. I would recommend participating in forums that are related to your subject.